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Turn your company's blog into a revenue-generating machine with content that converts.

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Hi! I'm Jessica Greene.

I specialize in helping B2B SaaS companies generate more traffic and revenue from their investments in content and SEO by using a proven, performance-focused approach.

My formula is built upon white-hat, quality-focused best practices. No hacks, no shortcuts: just effective SEO that drives the results your business needs.

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My Services

Whether you're just getting starting or have been publishing to your company blog for years, I'll put together a plan that's perfectly customized for your needs.

Custom SEO Strategy

I'll get to know your product and audit your content and website to put together an actionable SEO strategy your team can implement to generate more traffic and revenue from your content.

SEO Brief Creation

I'll create detailed briefs that your writers can work from to make sure the content they're creating is optimized to rank highly in Google's search results, driving traffic to your site and enabling customer acquisition.

Ongoing Retainer

If you need SEO help over a longer period of time, I'll work with you and your team on a retainer, offering ongoing reviews of your site and content and providing briefs and guidance to continually improve your rankings.


“Jessica is a wonderfully talented SEO content creator. She is an outstanding writer, with a unique ability to communicate complicated / technical concepts in everyday language, and she has a great understanding of where and how SEO and content work together.”
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Alexis Wisniewski
Profound Strategy
"I learned a while ago that when it comes to SEO as it relates to content, listen to Jessica Greene. Jessica is probably the most thoughtful person I’ve worked with when it comes to SEO. She gets the nuance. She knows what to ignore and what’s important. Most importantly, she has a system and a repeatable process around everything."​
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John Bonini​
“Jessica is an incredibly skilled SEO Marketer. She's able to break down SEO in such a straightforward and approachable way. She was the first person I reached out to for marketing advice when I started my own company, and I highly recommend working with her!”
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Becca Van Nederynen

How I Grew Databox's Traffic 75% by Updating Existing Content

After six months of static traffic levels, Databox brought me in to update 24 old blog posts. The result: A 75% increase in traffic.

Why Work With Me


I follow Google's quality guidelines to get your content ranking highly in the search results and keep it there.


My formula has been proven to work across multiple sites, each with varying levels of authority.

SaaS Focus

I only work with SaaS companies, so you get a playbook of proven tactics for your specific industry.

My Blog

Get up to speed on the best practices of on-page SEO, and learn how to create content that ranks and converts.

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Turn your company's blog into a revenue machine with content that converts.