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I’m a SaaS SEO consultant who helps companies build performance-focused SEO strategies designed to grow business revenue. I’ll help you determine exactly what you need to focus on to generate the most value from your investments in content and SEO — and provide your team with a playbook for how to get there.

Package 1: Custom SEO Strategy

I’ll begin with a complete site and content audit designed to determine what’s been working for your company so far and what needs to be improved. I’ll take time to learn about your product and customers, then I’ll look at both your library of content and your site’s technical setup to find opportunities for improvement.

Once the audit is complete, I’ll send you my findings in a detailed report that includes both quick-win and long-term tactics your team can implement to start moving the needle for your business with content and SEO. This report is customized for every client but generally includes:

  • A high-level strategy explaining where you should focus your content and SEO efforts over the next year (or more).
  • A list of at least 20 purchase-intent keywords that are crucial for your business.
  • 20 SEO briefs you can hand off to your writers so they can create the content you need and perfectly optimize it for search.
  • A list of development changes you should make to ensure your site is set up for SEO performance.

Creating your SEO strategy costs $12,000. At the end of it, you will have a complete SEO playbook that your team can follow for months and years to come to use content and SEO to grow your business.

Package 1.5: Ongoing SEO Consulting

After I’m finished creating your SEO strategy, I can work with you on a retainer if needed to help you implement the strategy, continually improve your SEO, and provide briefs for your writers when needed.

Ongoing SEO consulting costs $8,000 per month. For clients who work with me on a retainer, I can be available for a select number of meetings each month and will join your company’s Slack/other preferred messaging platform for quick feedback on questions or concerns.

Package 2: Ten SEO Briefs

After the initial SEO strategy is complete — or if you want to bypass the strategy creation and just get some SEO briefs your writers can use to update existing content/create new content — I can provide ongoing direction to your writers with individual packages of 10 SEO briefs.

A package of 10 SEO briefs costs $4,000 and contains all of the details your writers need to make sure the content they create and ranks highly in Google’s search results, driving traffic to your website and generating revenue for your business.

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“Jessica is a wonderfully talented SEO content creator. She is an outstanding writer, with a unique ability to communicate complicated / technical concepts in everyday language, and she has a great understanding of where and how SEO and content work together.”
headshot of alexis wisniewski
Alexis Wisniewski
Profound Strategy
"I learned a while ago that when it comes to SEO as it relates to content, listen to Jessica Greene. Jessica is probably the most thoughtful person I’ve worked with when it comes to SEO. She gets the nuance. She knows what to ignore and what’s important. Most importantly, she has a system and a repeatable process around everything."​
headshot of john bonini
John Bonini​
“Jessica is an incredibly skilled SEO Marketer. She's able to break down SEO in such a straightforward and approachable way. She was the first person I reached out to for marketing advice when I started my own company, and I highly recommend working with her!”
headshot of Becca Van Nederynen
Becca Van Nederynen